About Us

Heroes Lodge is to provide transitional and affordable veterans housing solutions coupled with a specialized veterans staffing agency to service our heroes with outreach to employers and entrepreneurial mentoring.

  • Long-term housing that is affordable and sustainable for veterans. Short-term housing for single resident occupants (SROs) up to 24 months; also called transitional housing for emergency and immediate need for any homeless veteran 24 hours a day.
  • Heroes Lodge recognizes that not all veterans are homeless; and our Veteran Home Ownership Program gives veterans an avenue for REALTOR representation, VA and Texas VLB mortgage discounts.
  • Our work programs have worked for decades; our in-house full service employment agency is exclusively for veterans. A professional team of veteran recruiters and sales staff work exclusively for veterans. Employer outreach to educate on the tax benefits of hiring a veteran; and license evaluations converting military licenses to civilian license equivalence.
  • Permanent placement and temporary employment staffing.
  • Providing training and testing on professional software programs for all industries. Events with local and state employers.
  • Heroes Entrepreneurial Leadership Program (HELP) Licensed PTS/mental health professional counselors in our network of local organizations that specialize in veterans; with one-on-one or in a group settings
    Peer-to-Peer veteran networking platforms connect to other local and state for-profit and non-profit organizations. Voluntary and court ordered substance abuse counseling; VA benefits counseling by certified and accredited Veteran Services Officers (VSOs); Healthcare counseling for VA and Affordable Care Act applicants.