About Us

The purpose, for which Heroes Lodge Project is formed, is charitable, educational, and benevolent to wit. To render aid and assistance in the City of Austin and surrounding counties of Central Texas to Veterans who are in needy circumstances; provide educational assistance for them and their families and provide for the homeless Veterans needs and facilities in general.

American GI Forum Heroes Lodge

Heroes Lodge Foundation (Heroes Lodge) is organized exclusively for Veterans services purposes within the meaning of 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code of 1986 and its Regulations, as now in effect or as may hereafter be amended (“the Code”). The purposes for which the Corporation is organized are: 

  • Advocate for Veterans continued education, job training, job placements, and entrepreneurial business support for disabled and non-disabled Veterans.
  • Advocate and educate for Veterans VA benefits counseling, peer to peer support networks for PTSD/mental health, family/women, substance abuse and rehabilitation.
  • Advocate charitable organizing for Veterans long-term housing, transitional housing, food, clothing, access to VA healthcare benefits and transportation.
  • Advocate and disseminate information to keep the public informed of the activities and services available to Veterans at Heroes Lodge Project, and inform federal, state and local officials, and agencies that advocate for Veterans critical support programs.
  • The Corporation will also conduct scholarly research to formulate specific positions and gather empirical data on various issues of public policy that impact Veterans. To publish and disseminate the results of such research, including specific positions and empirical data on various issues of public policy relative to the Veteran experience.
  • Publish and maintain a Network of Veterans Services Organizations, and Veteran non-profits that provided meaningful services to Veterans in Texas.



Our Story: Since 1948

For more than seven decades, the American GI Forum has been serving our nation’s veterans. Beginning as Volunteers in 1948, to setting up funded programs starting in 1972 with the National Veterans Outreach Program (NVOP) and then in 2014 with Heroes Lodge, our steadfast commitment has always been our commitment to Veterans, From advocating for veterans of the since WWII, Vietnam an lately the Middle east to being at the forefront of services for a new generation of service members transitioning to civilian life, the AGIF continues it unwavering commitment to give our heroes and their families the opportunities they deserve.


Our Mission & Vision

Heroes Lodge future Project is a planned multipurpose complex located Austin using services from Austin VA Veterans Outreach Clinic, Texas Veterans Commission, Veterans Administration, and the Texas Workforce Commission.


Get Involved

General donations are used 100% for program services directly helping the veterans, homeless, disabled, and family participants served by the Heroes Lodge. All gifts are acknowledged by correspondence confirming your donation is eligible as a tax-deductible contribution. Donors will remain confidential unless they specifically authorize the use of their identity in connection with the donation. General donations are assigned by senior staff of the organization to the programs most in need at the time of the donation.


Heroes Lodge Project, Inc.
807 Brazos Street, Suite 504
Austin, TX


Mon – Fri : 10am – 6pm
Sat and Sun : Closed

Conference Office Location:

Onion Creek Executive Center
10816 Crown Colony Dr, Suite 103
Austin, Texas 78747

Onion Creek Executive Center - Heroes Lodge Conference, Suite 103